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A super HARD 2 THA CORE underground mainstream Hip Hop group who's goal is to bring back that true form of  REAL HIP HOP. As we add on, we are pleased to welcome you to our site. Help yourself to the funk, the whole funk, and nothing but the funk. Get ready for what you have been needing. Plenty more to come.
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As a tribute to The Wu-Tang Clan, the all-time legendary Hip Hop group , a league of established affiliate artists has come together and formed the much acclaimed, East Coast Killa Beez.  

Today, The East Coast Killa Beez, a group formed to pay tribute to the legendary hip hop group Wu-Tang Clang formed in the 1990's, announced that they are now all systems go with there first single, music video, and a full project to follow behind it! The project itself, is dedicated in the remembrance of the late great Old Dirty Bastard. 

       World domination is obviously the game plan when you look at this lineup!  

Since the announcing  on social media, and by releasing a group photo revealing all its members and bios on each artist, some would call this group line up. . simply well put! With a blend of hip hop, the real hip hop, and rnb, yes. . the real rnb, The East Coast Killa Beez has everything that you could ask for in a group of extraordinary artist. 

-The Zu Ninjaz. The 5 Foot Hyper Sniper, K Blunt and Popa Chief.  This group was Founded by Old Dirty Bastard himself. 

-Frukwan, AKA The Gatekeeper, is from the iconic group The Gravediggaz, and is also a pioneer in the genre of Horrorcore Hip Hop/Rap. 

-Cheena Black Monrow,  a hip-hop, rnb and soul singer from the streets of Brooklyn. She joined forces with BROOKLYN ZU OF THE WUTANG FAMILY in 2006. 

-Capone, hip hop recording artist from Queens, New York City. He is best known as one half of the East Coast hip hop duo Capone-N-Noreaga (C-N-N), alongside friend and fellow Queens-based rapper N.O.R.E.  

-Mista Krimzon, has formed alliances with many crews from the Hip Hop scene in Las Vegas and he has made a name for himself on the underground hip hop scene there, earning many awards as well, including a Hip Hop Legend Award. 

-Dungeon Masta.Representing 10th Chamber/Brooklyn Zu/ Dirty Clanzmen, under Popa Wu Records He established himself as a producer, and also had the honor of touring with Wu-Tang Clan general, Cappadonna. 

-Young Dirty Bastard is Ol' Dirty Bastard's eldest son. He toured with the Wu-Tang Clan during their 2007 tours. Under the guidance of his uncle, the RZA, he has already recorded 3 mixtapes carrying on his father's legacy.  

-The Real KrayZ  is a 7X award winner, 5 of which were awarded from the Black Music Awards Association, has numerous amount of tours under his belt, along with collaborations with UGK, and song placements on major mixtapes where he is featured as the only independent artist. 

-Paul Marz debut album "Sword of Sound" released in 2012 was featured by many top Hip-Hop blogs. His latest project “16’s For Dummies”, has been creating a buzz since its release, and he is busy with performances all over the east coast. 

Solomon Childs is closely associated with various members of the Wu. Backed by the RZA in combination with his brother Divine(CEO)of Wu Music Group. He released his debut album entitled The Voice of the People in 2009. 

     How it was done! 

The East Coast Killa Beez came together in Brooklyn, New York for a project for the late great Ol' Dirty Bastard, and in the midst of working on the project, despite different styles and genres of music, they all bonded together. The project was completed and the first announced single is titled "The Calling" and there will be a music video to follow. While most of the Artist is representing numerous areas of the east coast, there's 2 artist representing the west coast.. but hey, music can bring the world together!

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